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Welcome to the commissions section of Wei Yi Art.

Studio commissions v.s. Show Commissions

If interested in getting a commissioned piece of work, please don't hesitate to send an email. I would be happy to converse more with you on the details of your commission. 

Commissions: Welcome

Studio Commissions

How does it work?

Studio commissions allows me to pay more attention to detail. Working in my studio takes away the time constraints that i would be under when doing a show commission. Studio commissions allow me to produce the best product for you. 



- On 11x17 Bristol board

- $20 deposit with signed contract

- Full body B&W starts at $200

- Full body color starts at $350

- For more then one figure add $50

- For full background add $50

The base price for any studio commission is $200. Anything after this base fixed price is an additional charge.

eg. Full body B&W commission to start = $200. Client wishes to add full colour would be an additional $150. Full body B&W ($200) + Full body digital colour ($150) = total of $350.


- Currently i only colour digitally as i am still figuring out a process to add full colour to my Ballpoint Pen inks that will not be damaged by the used of paints or alchol based markers. I currently have a few ideas on how to make this work but have yet been able to produce anything solid yet.

What do digital colours mean for you as a client?

- Well for starters its much cheaper in the long run as it cuts costs on materials for me as an artist. What this would ential for me is once i have finished the physical piece of artwork that you have commissioned i would have it professionally photographed. Once i have a digital file i am then able to colour the art work digitally. The result being you would get the original physical copy of art and a fine art print of the colours. You would be getting two finished products out of your comission.


- A deposit is a retainer for the engagement of my services. I only take full payment once the commission is completed and either i have delivered it to you personally, or it has been shipped. 

- A signed contract is required as a legal agreement on the price and what is required of me as an artist, and you as a customer. I will not begin work on any commissions without either a picture of a dated and signed contract or in possession of physical copy. 

- The contract will be emailed to you, in which a signed contract with a $20 deposit to be returned to myself before i begin work on your commission. This is non-negotiable. 

Commissions: Text


Example of a Studio Commission prior to digital colours. The line art is done by hand and then scanned or photographed professionally which then provides myself with a high quality digital file to work with for the colours.

Commissions: Image


Example of a Studio Commission with a digital colouring job on Procreate on the Ipad Pro

Commissions: Image

Show Commissions

How does it work?

Unlike Studio Commissions, Show commissions are a much more raw piece of art work due to time constraints of the show. Show commissions are purely Sketches. If the show is more then one day and you are attending for more then one day, the more time i have at a show the more detail i am afforded to put into your sketch. Sketches at shows for commissions still takes me a few hours to complete as i am still growing in my skills as an artist. 


- 5 spots allotted for shows that are more then one day.

- 3 spots alloted for shows that are one day only.

- Sketches can be done on a blank sketch cover of my choice or the client's own sketch cover. 

- on 11x17 Bristol Board. 

- Head shots start at $50

- Torso shots start at $65

- Full Body starts at $80

- Minimal Color add $25

Commissions: Text
This is a more classic mrs marvel on a c

Mrs. Marvel

Example of a Show Commission.

Commissions: Image
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